Part 3 - Setting Up Processing Preferences

Nathan Holritz -

In Part Three of The Photographer's Edit Workflow, we'll review how to create your post-processing preferences using sample images as references, sharing your favorite Lightroom presets, and commenting on additional details about your personal approach to editing. By submitting your preferences, you ensure we process your images in a way that matches your style as closely as possible!  


You don't need to send us a Lightroom preset to post-process your images. But if there's a favorite preset that gives your images a look that reflects your style, send it our way! Our editing team will apply it to your images before we make any adjustments to color, contrast, brightness, etc.   

Sending a preset to us is a simple, one-time process. You'll need to have a preset set up in your own copy of Lightroom. Then you can easily export the preset and send it to us for future jobs.

Locate and Export the Preset:

  1. Open Lightroom and go to the Develop module.

  2. Expand the Presets pane on the left and locate the preset.

  3. Right-click the preset and choose Export.

  4. Give the preset file a descriptive name and save it to a convenient location like the Desktop.

  5. Locate the exported file outside of Lightroom. It has a ".lrtemplate" extension.

Upload the Preset to Photographer's Edit:

  1. Log in to your Photographer's Edit account.

  2. From the Account dashboard, click on the Details link, under Preferences.

  3. Click one of the slots for a Lightroom Preset.

  4. Choose the ".lrtemplate" file that you previously exported.

  5. The file will upload, and you'll see a checkmark in the preset slot.

You'll notice that there are two preset slots: one for color and one for black & white. Feel free to upload a preset for each.

Now you're preset will be available to apply to any order.


Watch the entire workflow.

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