How do you handle culling?

Nathan Holritz -

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Maybe you'd like to give us a complete event or portrait session - bad images and all - and let us cull (select the best images) before we process the remaining images. You'll simply choose the percentage of images that you'd like us to cull from the event, and then we'll process the rest. 

For example, if you submit 1000 images and would like 70% culled and the rest processed, the total cost will be $130 (1000 images x $0.13), and we'll give you back about 300 color-corrected images.

We cull your images based on the following criteria: 

1. Percentage - When you place an order with Photographer's Edit and request culling, you get to designate the percentage of images you'd like us to cull.

2. Importance of the Moment -It's important that the images in the final selection accurately represent the event's timeline. We'll make sure that all important moments of the day are maintained as part of the final selection, in order to best tell the story. Even if some of those images are slightly blurry, or the expressions aren't best, we'll still keep them in order to maintain continuity. 

3. Composition or Artistic Value - When we're choosing from a series of images, we'll choose the more visually appealing of the bunch. 

4. Expression - We'll choose the images with the best expression, and certainly those that convey the most powerful emotion. 

5. Variety - For the sake of variety, we may keep a couple of versions of an image. Maybe the expressions are slightly different but both pleasing, or the composition is different in both images, but both are visually appealing. 

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