Can I order Retouching along with Color Correction?

Tanya -

Yes. If you want correction and retouching performed on the same set of images, there are a couple options for doing so:


If you want all of the images corrected and retouched
Place a Custom Retouching order and select the option to include correction. When we provide the quote, it will include the cost of correcting all the images you're submitting for retouching, in addition to the retouching work.


If you want all the images corrected but only some of them retouched

  1. Complete the Color Correction order form, but do not check out yet (this order will stay in your cart while you complete the next steps).
  2. Complete the Custom Retouching order form, using the provided option to indicate that we should work on the files from the Color Correction order.
  3. Check out.
  4. Upload the image files using the Color Correction Upload link. You can ignore the other Upload link.

We'll know to grab the images from the Color Correction order, color correct them, and then process the designated images for Retouching.

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