Part 2 - Prepping Files to Send

Tanya -

Part Two of The Photographer's Edit Workflow walks through preparing your photos for post-processing using Lightroom. While you can send RAWs and JPEG files, using Lightroom and sending a catalog with smart previews is the best option and doesn't incur additional fees. This process allows for the smallest amount of data to be sent with your order, while also ensuring greatest editorial control when post-production is complete. This review also includes tips for culling, and sending reference sample files.


In the export process within Lightroom, make sure that you choose the "Build/Include Smart Previews" option ONLY. Do not check "Include available previews"


This results in the creation of two files in the folder you'll zip and send us: the .lrcat file (the Lightroom catalog), and the .lrdata file (the Smart Previews). 


Watch the entire workflow.

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