What information do you need to upload my images to an online gallery?

Nathan Holritz -

After correcting your images, we can take care of sending the finished, high-resolution JPEGs to your lab or online gallery.*


For PASS users:

  1. Create the client's gallery on PASS.
  2. Include your PASS login information and the gallery name in the order notes at checkout.
  3. Our team will upload the finished images into the client's gallery.


For other online gallery users:

Include the FTP details in the order notes at checkout.  This includes:

  • FTP server (i.e. ftp.photographersedit.com)
  • FTP user name
  • FTP password
  • Location that the folder(s) of images should be FTP'd to 
  • What to name the folder of images

If there are additional instructions necessary to handle the upload to your gallery or lab, please make sure you include very specific instructions in the job notes as well.  


*Note that this option is not available when using Lightroom Smart Previews. Also, please allow about one extra business day after file delivery for us to get the files uploaded to your gallery.

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