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Updated June 3, 2017

ORDER SERVICE AGREEMENT (all membership levels)

I. ORDER PROCESSING TIMES: Turn-around times suggested through the ordering system are estimates. PE will attempt to complete orders within an estimated turn-around time, except in the cases of: Public holidays, acts of god.
II. ORIGINAL IMAGE STORAGE: PE is not responsible for the storage of original images. We recommend backing up original images prior to uploading to PE for processing.
III. PROCESSED IMAGE STORAGE: PE stores processed files for 14-days following order completion. Clients are notified via email of order completion. Any potential order issues must be resolved within this 14-day time frame.
IV. REFUNDS: PE does not offer refunds for services. If you are unsatisfied with post processing we will gladly redo your order until you are satisfied. Please be sure to complete your processing preferences so our editing teams knows how to best process your images. 
V. ORDER REDO'S: If there is a problem with an order, a redo must be requested through the order feedback system within 10 days of order completion. Redo's will be completed within 1-2 business days. PE does not redo orders for culling or choice of black and white images, as these are highly subjective. 
VI. REWARDS: Rewards are earned for all paid services at every membership level. Rewards are not earned on Premium Membership fee, cancellation fees, refunds or missed submissions fees.
VII. DISCOUNTS: Gift Cards Codes and Coupon Codes of a specific monetary value may be used in conjunction. Only one percentage discount may be added at a time. First order discounts may not be used in conjunction with other codes.
VIII. REFUSAL OF SERVICES: PE retains the right to decline or cancel services to any photographer or photography studio at any time.



I. PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP FEE: The $99 fee makes you a premium member for the calendar year.
 Only by scheduling an order do we offer a guaranteed turnaround time and dedicated editing team.
III. ORDER PROCESSING TIMES: Turn-around time is guaranteed no longer than 3 business days for under 800 images or 6 days for anything over 800 images. This guarantee requires the order is placed through the scheduling system, and submitted with photos uploaded by 11:59pm PST on the reservation date.
IV. CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations may be done through the automated system up to 4 business days in advance of the reservation date.
V. MISSED SUBMISSIONS: Scheduled orders with no submission past the reservation date are subject to a $10 charge for 500 images or less ($20 for orders for over 500 images)


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